Friday, January 13, 2017

Jayne gets baptized

My sweet little Jayne got baptized last week and it was such a special day.  We found a cute tree farm to do these pictures and even though it was such a cold day, I love how they turned out!

IMG_8345 IMG_8307 IMG_8304 IMG_8330 IMG_8334 IMG_8314 IMG_8319 IMG_8381 IMG_8358 IMG_8389 IMG_8402 IMG_8351 IMG_8363 IMG_8368 IMG_8363 IMG_8371 IMG_8431 IMG_8425 IMG_8414 IMG_8426 

 And her invitation
  jayne insta invite a

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


My bro's cute little fam and their new little baby Mac.  So so happy to welcome you to the family Mac!

IMG_6082 IMG_6075 IMG_6068 IMG_6062 IMG_6078 IMG_6104 IMG_6090 IMG_6101 IMG_5973 IMG_5980 IMG_5976 IMG_6030 IMG_6035 IMG_6014 IMG_6110 IMG_6143 IMG_6118 IMG_6173 IMG_6149 IMG_6145 IMG_5955 IMG_5957 IMG_5907 IMG_5915 IMG_5922 IMG_5931 IMG_5924 IMG_5943 IMG_5951


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