Friday, April 26, 2013

4 generations

Laura (from the previous post) asked if I could do a photo shoot with her, her grandma, her mom, and her daughters.  I LOVED the idea!  Laura's sister loved the idea too and wanted in.  What an awesome keepsake to have and what lovely ladies you all are.  I had such a good time with all of you.  Although my grandmother has been gone since I was a little girl, I am totally doing this with my mom and daughters.  Thanks for the inspiration!
IMG_9163IMG_9182IMG_9187IMG_9203IMG_9191IMG_9192 copyIMG_9272IMG_9274IMG_9265IMG_9301 copyIMG_9345IMG_9340IMG_9258 Little Marianne loves looking at her great-grandmothers sweet IMG_9256IMG_9236IMG_9214IMG_9375 copyIMG_9363IMG_9326IMG_9312
Couldn't help but get some shots of the cute brothers stuffing their little faces with cupcakes :) IMG_9195IMG_9335

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Hydes

Joey and I lived across the street from each other for basically all of my young life.  You could most certainly find me running down my front hill straight to their front door to play with his little brother almost every single day.  I have so many good memories of our families growing up together.  Now it's crazy and fun to see us all grown up with families of our own!

IMG_8760 IMG_8752 IMG_8798 IMG_8852 IMG_8891 bw IMG_8938 IMG_8946 IMG_8915 IMG_8859 IMG_9036 IMG_8988 IMG_9154 IMG_9130 IMG_9090


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