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Halloween 2014

WARNING: this is a very long post.  But I just can't help myself...I LOVE Halloween...and I happen to have a lot of kids...and I think they're pretty adorable :)

I ain't afraid a no ghost
IMG_6882 IMG_6878 IMG_6817 IMG_6809 IMG_6850 IMG_6876 IMG_6891 IMG_6892 IMG_6814 IMG_6823 IMG_6828 IMG_6832 IMG_6857 IMG_6864 IMG_6801 

 Seriously, don't mess with Wonder Woman
  IMG_6971IMG_6989 IMG_6941 IMG_6932 IMG_6914 IMG_6920 IMG_6954 IMG_6947 IMG_6944 IMG_7006 IMG_6913 IMG_6963 IMG_6992

This is your hot air balloon captain speaking...
  IMG_7032IMG_7060 IMG_7044 IMG_7055 IMG_7114 IMG_7149 IMG_7130 IMG_7116 IMG_7053 IMG_7068 IMG_7161 IMG_7154

And last but not least, little Miss Shirley Temple
  IMG_6705 IMG_6742 IMG_6759 IMG_6772 IMG_6797 IMG_6733 IMG_6792 IMG_6710 IMG_6686 IMG_6695 IMG_6745 IMG_6746


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