Monday, June 1, 2015

My Girls-4 & 6

This is usually one of my favorite shoots of the's so fun to think up something creative we can do and then just playing and spending time with my girls and getting to capture it all and freeze their cute little expressions in time.  Some things that made this little dress up/tea party extra special for me were:  Some of my grandmas necklaces and her brooch and my moms prom gloves and her very 80's sunglasses that I have held onto for years.  I used to be a tomboy when I was a little girl, so I guess I am making up for it cause I am loving all of this little girly stuff!

IMG_0807 IMG_0834 IMG_0810 IMG_0815 IMG_0858 IMG_0865 IMG_0819 IMG_0879 IMG_0891 IMG_0895 IMG_0900 IMG_0902 IMG_0908 IMG_1069 IMG_0923 IMG_0928 IMG_0940 IMG_0938 IMG_0935 IMG_1002 IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0955 IMG_0958 IMG_0966 IMG_0969 IMG_0973 IMG_0984 IMG_0992 IMG_0998 IMG_0990 IMG_1009 IMG_1006 IMG_1020 IMG_1018 IMG_1030 IMG_1033 IMG_1036 IMG_1050


I love photographing babies and I especially love it when they belong to friends of mine! So excited for these guys and that Quinne is finally here happy and healthy!
  IMG_1233IMG_1235 IMG_1243 IMG_1258 IMG_1221 IMG_1076 IMG_1084 bw IMG_1091 IMG_1106 IMG_1112 IMG_1134 bw IMG_1116 IMG_1140 IMG_1138 IMG_1146 IMG_1154 IMG_1177 IMG_1197 IMG_1207 IMG_1199


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