Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lemonade Stand

My girls were begging for a lemonade stand and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for their yearly sisters pics.  Our cute neighbors joined us as well.  They drank more than they sold, but we had a blast!

IMG_6693 IMG_6699 IMG_6716 IMG_6725 IMG_6728 IMG_6730 IMG_6734 IMG_6748 IMG_6756 IMG_6732 IMG_6737 IMG_6773 IMG_6776 IMG_6760 IMG_6747 IMG_6771 IMG_6797 IMG_6781 IMG_6782 IMG_6764 IMG_6762 IMG_6824 IMG_6825 IMG_6792 IMG_6787 IMG_6778 IMG_6827 IMG_6833 IMG_6803 IMG_6802 IMG_6811 IMG_6821 IMG_6835 IMG_6847 IMG_6870 IMG_6880 IMG_6861 IMG_6860 IMG_6904 IMG_6906 IMG_6909 IMG_6899 IMG_6883 IMG_6886 IMG_6887 IMG_6924 IMG_6921


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